Authorised Persons

MedGas employs trained, medical gas certified and qualified Authorised Persons (AP) for medical gas fixed pipeline systems.

Authorised Persons & Medical Gas Supplier Qualifications

Medical Gas Certification

Both international standards and local regulatory guidelines require AP medical gas certification: that an “Authorised Person” or (AP) provide functional and technical management of medical gas systems where gases are carried and distributed within a pipeline system.

As an Authorised Person with full medical gas certification Simson Abraham at MedGas fully understands medical gas systems and their safety aspects. He understands the management of medical gas cylinders and medical gas supply design, installation, validation and verification.

The Authorised Persons (AP) for MGPS is a BTEC certificate that emphasises the management of fixed medical gas pipelines in line with HTM 02 01 UK. It provides medical gas supply engineers with practical solutions and procedures for the use in their everyday duties.

How We Work


These procedures include planning for emergencies or incidents and the implementation of solutions such as back-up systems. An operational policy is required by all health care providers and it is crucial the correct procedures are in place and strictly adhered to at all times. Lives are endangered if procedures and not followed correctly. 15 years of experience means MedGas have sets of procedures that are clear and obeyed.

Permit to Work

As a medical gas certified AP, or Authorised Person, the director of Medgas, Murray Lonergan is qualified to undertake duties that include managing interruptions to services. These interruptions require high hazard level permits to work or a “permit to work system”.  On every occasion that gas services are halted or work on a medical gas system that involves dismantling the system is undertaken, it is necessary to raise a permit to work.

The proposed work must be approved by the appropriate hospital engineers and facilities management, charge nurses and hospital duty managers. A permit to work is also signed off by a witnessing agent such as the BOC. Finally, as a medical gas is deemed a medicine, an anaesthetist, who is permitted to administer medicines, must sign off on the completed work alongside a charge nurse, hospital engineers and AP, or Authorised Person before any medical gas can again be taken into use.


A medical gas certified AP, or Authorised Person, controls all aspects of medical gas pipe systems maintenance, advising local staff on all aspects of medical gas management and dealing with contractors and low hazard permits to work.